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Update August 3, 2014 - Neutered Boy Looking for his forever home!

***Please note that we *do not ship dogs under any circumstances* - if you must fly to adopt one of our babies, we require they fly with you in-cabin. A health certificate will be provided for such travel. We by far prefer to deliver the dog in person to their new family if they are to leave our general area and often travel long distances to dog shows - feel free to ask if we will be traveling to your area!***

Polar & Tiger - Both boys recently lost what we had hoped were their homes due to personal problems of their owners and are now looking for their forever homes. They are grandson and grandfather! Polar the grandson is just over a year old and a VERY silly and playful boy, Tiger is six years old and is still a bit silly and playful but also really loves snuggling with people. Both are used to cats, bigger dogs, and older well behaved children. They are both due to be neutered on the 6th August and will be placed for the cost of their neuters. I would LOVE to see these boys go to a home together but they can be placed sepately if the right homes come along. They are great boys just waiting to be loved by their own families again!

Polar loves to play!

Tiger is a super handsome brindle fellow!