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Chihuahuas & Xoloitzcuintli

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Jen Eisenhardt
Email : snuffy@gmail.com
Phone: 716-940-0019


TEG's Chihuahuas - Breeders of many great dogs including our beloved Harry

Tip's Chihuahuas - Our dear friend Holly who has a small show kennel with gorgeous typey Chihuahuas

Regal Chihuahuas - Terry in Hawaii who is one of the few show breeders of Chihuahuas on the islands, co-owner of our import Bijou!

Riverview Chihuahuas - Auntie Dianna's small show kennel located in NC, continuing the Heartland Chihuahua legacy!

Athame Chihuahuas - Home of some of our favourite dogs - Zero, Millie, and Mitchell's sire lives here!

Sunset Kennel - Sound, Sane, & Showy Chihuahuas & MinPins

Vladistar Kennel - Fireball, Deliss, Hardy, and Mia come from this wonderful Russian kennel!

C. Vega Photography - Cynthia also breeds & shows Chihuahuas and takes great photos :)

Toadbriar - Amazing Whimsical Art by Kim Parkhurst

Dreameyce Studios - Wearable Animal Art by Emily