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"Waleska "
Walli's Pedigree

Her silhouette graces our website logo - she is "Walli" a.k.a. "Red Dog" . She is the other very special dog in my heart, alongside Moo. They are good friends and happily travel together. Walli is daughter to Oggie and Monkey and is nearly 2 yrs old now. She shares her mother's obsession with cleaning people and other Chihuahuas, and adores playing fetch. She will greet her favourite people with a toy or chew flip when they come into the room. While Walli doesn't like shows indoors, she recently decided she likes attending outdoor shows - as long as I have steak to offer as a reward ;-) Walli finished her US Championship from the Bred By Exhibitor class and will return to the show ring in 2011 to pursue her Grand Championship title. After that we will head up to Canada to compete for her Canadian Championship! Recently, Walli was featured in Kate Lacey's book "Show Dogs", a casual look at show dogs just being themselves - the photos were taken the day she finished her CH title shortly after weaning her litter of 5!

Yellow Portraits courtesy of Kate Lacey

Always up for fun
Photo above featured in "Show Dogs"

"What do you mean you're missing your lens cap?!"


6.5 wks Old

First stacking lesson, 6.5 wks old

Playing with Maddy and showing her Crazy Face